LAWCHEK™ provides the general public and library reference desk personnel with a wide assortment of sample legal forms, helpful resources, and lawyers who can assist with interpreting legal information.


LAWCHEK Legal Reference

LAWCHEK™ is a user-friendly reference product designed by attorneys for both the layperson and library reference desk personnel, offering simple answers to everyday legal questions. Currently, we cover eleven disciplines/areas of the law: Bankruptcy, Contracts, Corporations, Criminal Law, Domestic/Family Law, Education, Intellectual Properties (Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks), Landlord/Tenant, Real Estate, Trial/Litigation, and Wills/Estates. In each of the eleven areas, you can access state-specific information from either Help Guides or a Forms section. In addition, a GLOSSARY of common legal terms is provided, as well as various links to websites where you can access information and forms for both Federal and State Taxes.

LAWCHEK™ covers eleven disciplines/areas of the law, which includes over twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) state-specific forms and approximately twenty-six thousand (26,000) various state-specific documents. In addition, LAWCHEK™ provides an extensive glossary, a Q&A format, State Codes, State Cases, Federal Codes, Federal Cases, and invaluable legal research links. LAWCHEK™ also contains LetterPro, which consists of one hundred thirty-three (133) pre-drafted letter templates in twelve different subject areas. LAWCHEK™ automatically links to Lawsonline™ providing access to an extensive array of legal directories.

LAWCHEKLegal Form Books

LAWCHEK™ is providing seven of our top requested legal form books for free! We hope to assist the general public to learn more about their legal issues so that they are better prepared to discuss their situation with an attorney. LAWCHEK™ has over 20,000 legal forms and sample documents in its' database, which includes legal forms and sample forms with support information for every state. Currently we provide free legal form books and sample legal forms on the following subjects: Making a Will, Divorce, Contracts, Real Estate, Incorporation, Intellectual Property, and Name Change.

The purpose of these online sourcebooks is to provide the general public with some information about the different disciplines (areas) of the law.  An overview and basic understanding are provided through a question and answer format. Also included are some forms that most likely would be used in a given state. Please feel free to use these online legal sourcebooks for personal and educational purposes. They are intended to be used in conjunction with a licensed attorney. Click here to locate a qualified licensed attorney in your state.


LAWCHEK Articles

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In late 1990 development began on a product designed to answer basic legal questions. Thirty-two areas of law (disciplines) were evaluated and twelve disciplines were selected for the initial product. A glossary of terms, a question/answer format and a series of forms for each of the twelve disciplines were created. Since the program needed to be user-friendly for a wide range of individuals, including those who lacked computer literacy, the initial interface used simple menus and "point and click" access.

The initial product, LAWCHEK™, was designed to assist law offices and library patrons. It was anticipated that people looking for information would begin in a library. In 1991, a study of reference librarians throughout the United States was commissioned by the American Library Association for the purpose of determining the most problematic area for the reference desk of a typical library. It was found that approximately seventeen percent of the library patrons encountered difficulty accessing legal information mostly due to the fact that the legal system of reference and information is uniquely designed for attorneys and the judiciary. LAWCHEK™ was clearly a product that could fill a need.

In 1994, LAWCHEK™ was incorporated after most of the design work had been completed. in 1996 LAWCHEK™ legal forms were first distributed by MacMillan Spectrum Publishing and were the first electronic software distributed to libraries across the country with both legal forms and questions and answers to support the legal forms. LAWCHEK™ legal forms were primarily used by library reference centers as the 'go to' resource for librarians when helping patrons with their everyday legal questions before consulting an attorney.

In late 1997, LAWCHEK™ entered into the law office market through the delivery of a robust array of legal products offered by enlighten technologies, inc.™. Presently, enlighten™ operates nine web sites including:,,,,,,,, Offering broadband convergence technology, videoconferencing, teleconferencing, legal research, legal directories, legal portals, forms, web development, web hosting and more...find out how partnering with enlighten™ can make your practice more time and cost effective.


LAWCHEK Legal Directories

LAWCHEK™ is providing legal directories of individuals in the legal community to assist you in finding a solution to any of your daily legal needs. These legal professionals include Lawyers, Court Reporters, Expert Witness, Process Servers, Private Investigators, Interpreters, Arbitrators and Videographers. The directories are open to the public and are free from restrictions in reaching out to make contact with these professionals. The majority of the professions are listed by state and then by city. Expert witness are listed by the expertise they have acquired there predominant skill set in. Attorneys are rated.   Find A Legal Professional

 LAWCHEK™ expanded its legal directory service and developed an improved legal rating system. This ratings system is based on interviews with legal professionals and objective feedback on the technological advancements used in their day-to-day practice. Up until recently, legal rating systems were provided by competitors, namely peers, rating each other or by comments from the general public; both systems can be biased and emotional. LAWCHEK™ utilizes a more effective way to provide an accurate portrayal of legal professionals. This improved rating system helps the general public quickly determine if a legal professional is best suited for their particular case and is providing the best possible security for there information.

LAWCHEK™ Ratings System
LAWCHEK™ utilizes a legal ratings system that evaluates legal professionals listed on the site for their Internet savvy and technical security as it pertains to the quality of service they offer clients. Each requirement that is met merits the law firm one check mark within their listing. A total of five check marks is possible. If a legal organization does not possess any check marks, they may have chosen not to participate in the ratings system, or they may not have been rated yet. A star within any listing denotes membership, and a blue ribbon within any listing denotes honorary membership. A video camera denotes the legal organization utilizes and/or offers videoconferencing, a service LAWCHEK™'s parent company, enlighten technologies incorporated™, offers.

Upon review, if your legal organization qualifies in at least one area, you will receive a check mark. If your law firm meets more than one of the listed criteria, you will receive check marks for each area met. For a key to the ratings system, please see the Legend below.

The primary considerations in selecting a legal professional should be whether the client feels comfortable with the professional selected and if he is confident that the professional is competent in his field of expertise. Much depends upon an individual's judgment, and many times a legal professional is hired on the basis of referrals from other individuals who have for one reason or another experienced professional relationship as a result of work performed.


 Click here to locate a qualified licensed attorney in your state.