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LAWCHEK™ is always ready to help your Library get connected up to our resorce books and legal forms. This resource can be an added bennifit for your library patrons looking to find answers to concerning legal questions.

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The initial product, LAWCHEK™, was designed to assist law offices and library patrons. It was anticipated that people looking for information would begin in a library. In 1991, a study of reference librarians throughout the United States was commissioned by the American Library Association for the purpose of determining the most problematic area for the reference desk of a typical library. It was found that approximately seventeen percent of the library patrons encountered difficulty accessing legal information mostly due to the fact that the legal system of reference and information is uniquely designed for attorneys and the judiciary. LAWCHEK™ was clearly a product that could fill a need.

In 1994, LAWCHEK™ was incorporated after most of the design work had been completed. Today, approximately twenty million library patrons have access to the LAWCHEK™ system.


The LAWCHEK™ is a tutorial that was designed in late 1994 and early 1995 as a result of research development dating back to 1990. The product is presently used as a tutorial in public libraries, law firms and retail markets. LAWCHEK™ contains twelve disciplines of law with a possible expansion to thirty. There are over twelve thousand five hundred state specific forms and approximately twenty-six thousand various state specific documents. The system also contains various glossaries, question and answer formats and forms. State Codes, State Cases, Federal Code and Federal Cases and other legal research links are provided. LAWCHEK™ also contains LetterPro, which consists of one hundred and thirty-three pre-drafted letter templates in twelve different subject areas. The LAWCHEK™ automatically links to Lawsonline™ providing access to an extensive array of legal directories.


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